About our Food Database

What is the CalorieKing Food Database?

The CalorieKing Food Database is the world's most complete consumer nutrition database. It contains nutritional information for over 50,000 foods. From generic foods such as fruits and vegetables to familiar supermarket brands, CalorieKing's Food Database delivers the nutrition information people want to know. It also covers ethnic foods, provides information on over 200 fast-food and restaurant chains, and lists unique foods such as those only found at fairs and carnivals. In short, if a food is on America's plate it's probably in the CalorieKing Food Database.

What makes CalorieKing's Food Database special?

Some food databases are designed with the scientific community in mind. In contrast, CalorieKing's focus has always been to empower the average American to make better-informed food choices. While the CalorieKing Food Database draws on the respected USDA for some of its data, it goes far beyond this to give consumers the most up-to-date and relevant information about the food they eat.

Where does CalorieKing source its Food Database information?

To maintain one of the most comprehensive, high-quality, up-to-date food databases in America, CalorieKing sources its data from scientific databases, such as the USDA, as well as food manufacturers and food industry boards and councils. CalorieKing also performs its own independent calculations and extrapolations to ensure the information in the database reflects real-world situations. For example, some food producers may provide nutritional information on a set serving size, but when tested the actual serving size consumers receive is far in excess of the amount stated by the food's producer. By consulting CalorieKing's Food Database, consumers can find out the nutritional information for the portion size actually consumed.

What makes CalorieKing's Food Database trustworthy?

Strict internal quality-assurance processes, including the review of nutrition information by staff dietitians, ensures that consumers can rely on the information in CalorieKing's Food Database. In fact, Americans have trusted CalorieKing to provide accurate, comprehensive and up-to-date nutritional information for over twenty years. That's because the same Food Database found on CalorieKing.com is also behind the best-selling CalorieKing Calorie, Fat and Carbohydrate Counter book used by dietitians and health care professionals nationwide. It also powers CalorieKing's mobile food search tool and popular software.

Well-known companies such as Johnson & Johnson, Pilgrim's Pride, and Roche place their trust in CalorieKing's Food Database. For example, CalorieKing data is used in Johnson & Johnson's Animus insulin pump - an FDA-approved device. So you can be confident of the quality of nutrition information you'll find in CalorieKing's Food Database.